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Fishing Flamingo on Halloween

I made it down to Flamingo last week for the first time in a while. Actually, it's only the second time I take the Marquesa down to the park...I fished with an old buddy, Dave. We started the day poling for tailing reds early and found that they were happy, waiving their tails in super shallow water. I couldn't quite get the Marquesa up where they were because it was only a few inches deep and it was pretty much peak low tide, but we did manage to get one fish and a lot of follows and eats that we missed. Most of the redfish had their faces deep into the grass, so we had to make casts just passed the fish, reel the grubs on the surface and drop them right on their heads to get a reaction. Later on, we ran up passed the cape and worked shorelines where baitfish were getting crushed by snook and redfish that are working the area in good numbers. We managed a couple small snook and moved out in search for cobia. It looks like it's still too early in the season, but any day the cobia should start pouring through. While offshore, we did get a few big trout and messed around with big jewfish that parked themselves under the boat. They were eating everything we brought close to the boat, right at the surface next to us, so we hooked up a few times on a light spinner and had some fun with them. They are impressive fish to see come out of the water to eat.  I've even had them eat a shark of the end of my line....yes, a shark got eaten by a fish!! Gotta love the wildlife available in the Everglades...            



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