Fall fishing in the Biscayne Bay area is heating up!! 

Some really nice mutton snapper as well as good-sized gag groupers are moving into our shallow waters with the cooler water temperatures. They are following the abundance of pilchards that have been coming through the area.  Live bait has been relatively easy to find on a daily basis and netting a livewell-full has been the ticket to score on these tasty fish!


This Saturday, I had the pleasure of fishing with Erik and his crew, which consisted of his father, Tom, and his son, Louis. We started the morning with 25 knot winds, so we fished areas that offered protection from the wind for most of the day. We had one shot at a really nice, way-over-slot redfish earlier in the day, then we spent some time looking for snook, since the mullet have been running. Finally, we loaded the well with some live pilchards, and from there on we kept the rods bent on some nice magrove snapper, and we lost count on blue runners and hard-fighting jacks, we also released a bunch of smaller gag groupers, but we did manage to get one big fish out of the structure and invited him home for dinner. Before that one, we lost one that was even bigger! Mind you, we're using 6-10lb braid and only 20lb flourocarbon leaders. They're a blast on light tackle!



October 17th Biscayne Bay live baiting


The 2013 Hell's Bay Marquesa


Summer Fishing in Biscayne Bay/Florida Bay/Patch Reefs 2013



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